For EMpro and EMlog by PhoenixContact

C@RTAN - Counter Realtime Analysis

  • easy to install, intuitive to use
  • automatically find meters in the network
  • can be downloaded from the EMPURON webpage and installed independently
  • lightweight programme system
  • can be connected with other components, e.g. with EMPURON's cloud solution
  • has its own database
  • can be used in the future to compare energy values from the energy supplier


Consumption monitoring for EMpro and EMlog meters

EMPURON C@RTAN is a software system that is easy to install and intuitive to use. The start window shows the different meters in the dashboard. For an overview, the largest monthly consumers are displayed in a pie chart, and the metering value maxima of the active power of the current year are also listed. Together with the consumption values of the current year, the energy price to be paid is easy to monitor. The overview on the dashboard enables the energy manager to intuitively and quickly classify consumption behaviour and cost-relevant data at a glance:



  • Read out energy consumption in real time
  • PhoenixContact EMpro and EMlog meters
  • Automatically localise network connection
  • Start monitoring
  • Timely overview of energy consumption and costs
C@artan Dashboard

Display of value curves from the archive

Starting from the dashboard, value curves can be opened directly by clicking on the respective areas. The diagrams can be modified and the contents of the diagrams can be exported. In the list view, values can be exported to Excel for further processing. The manifold and clear display forms allow the user a quick overview of the consumption and the physics of the network:

  • Presentation of power quality data
  • Control of energy consumption and avoidance of energy peaks
Liste Monatswerte

Capture meters automatically

The use of C@RTAN refers to meters that can be automatically recorded in the LAN. Currently, these are the EMpro meters and meters of the EMlog from PhoenixContact.

Integration on a wide range of platforms

C@RTAN runs on all PCs with Windows and LINUX and on LINUX-based microsystems. It has its own database, as well as evaluations for the recorded values. C@RTAN can thus be easily installed and operated locally. Contact us to integrate C@RTAN data into EMPURON EVE or with IT systems of other manufacturers, or to perform an analysis using artificial intelligence.