License prices for EMPURON C@RTAN for Phoenix Contact

License prices for EMPURON EVE for Phoenix Contact

EVE license up to 100 data points
EVE license up to 500 data points
EVE license up to 1000 data points
EVE license up to 5000 data points
EVE license up to 10000 data points
EVE license up to 30000 data points
EVE license from 30001 data points

Please note that each license (also test license) is only valid for installation on one end device!

(All prices are exclusive of VAT)

* What is a data point?

In EMPURON EVE, a data point is defined as a data address in the database (also known as "Technological Address"), which records a technical time series of any cycle (from 1 second to 1 year, or as a spontaneous value).
For example, an electrical power value in "kW" can be recorded in a cycle of one minute. Then a value is entered into the database for each minute.

Normally, our customers record about ten values, e.g. per data logger. All derived value aggregations, e.g. daily sums, monthly values, annual values etc., are also included in the number of data points of the license. For a single power value there are therefore four more data points with the data point of the basic cycle with the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly values. Other technical values, e.g. the grid frequency, are normally not compressed further. Therefore, no derived units are created here.

How do I get a license upgrade?

If the number of data points is no longer sufficient to perform further compressions or to record loggers, please contact us. After consultation, we will offer the next license level and carry out the upgrade with you.

How do I get a maintenance contract?

With a maintenance contract you get the possibility to use new program versions including new features and improvements. You will also receive preferential support from your contact person in our company.

If you have not agreed on a maintenance contract, we will charge service assignments on an hourly basis at the currently valid hourly rate.

To conclude or extend a maintenance contract, please contact us.

Pre-installed on-site hardware

The solutions offered include software licences from EMPURON. Phoenix Contact hardware for monitoring is provided by the customer or Phoenix Contact hardware components are supplied by EMPURON, provided that an on-site inspection has been carried out and EMPURON has been requested to submit an offer.

The offered Docker-based download version is intended for installation on customer hardware. No hardware is included in the offer or the quoted price.